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Toklo and Lusa by TheDragonInTheCenter Toklo and Lusa by TheDragonInTheCenter
EDIT: this has been remade! [link]
Toklo and Lusa when leaving Kallik and Ujurak on the ice in Fire In The Sky. (Seekers.)

"As Ujurak and Kallik returned to the half-eaten seal, Toklo turned his back to the rising sun and led Lusa into the endless whiteness. He hoped Kallik was right that the shore was this way; it seemed no different from any other direction to him. Normally his sense of place in the world was very clear. This disorientation felt muddling and unsettling. It just confirmed what he had thought all along: Brown bears don't belong here. He glanced at his companion, stumbling beside him up to her belly in snow. Or black bears, he added silently.

Lusa often turned to look back at their friends as they disappeared into the edge of the sky, but Toklo kept his head resolutely facing forward. He knew that leaving them was the right thing to do, as surely as Ujurak seemed to know where he needed to go.

The sun rose higher in the wide blue sky, burning away the last few strands of clouds and sparkling across the ice and snow.

"I hope I can catch a seal," Toklo commented after a while. "Kallik's reactions must be very fast."

"So are yours," Lusa said comfortingly.

"In a river, perhaps," Toklo agreed. "But out here...well, white bears are made for hunting on ice."

"That's true," Lusa sighed.

Toklo gave her a searching look. Her eyes were half-closed and her paws dragged along the snow. "Stay awake," he ordered, nudging her. "We'll be back on land soon, and then we'll dig you a den and you can sleep as much as you want."

"That sounds lovely," Lusa murmured. Another long pause passed, and he saw her eyelids drooping again.


"Well, talk to me then," she said irritably. "Say something interesting enough to keep me awake."

Toklo snorted. "I'm not that interesting," he said."
--Seekers: Fire In The Sky
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ham-egg Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Perfect LusaxToklo moment. Lusa's my favorite, I took a quiz and it says I'm most like her! XD :D :la:
MichaelWolfHeart Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Perfect shipping moment. xD
KuraisInspiration Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
OMG, I remember reading Seekers last summer! I love Erin Hunter <3
TheDragonInTheCenter Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Me too~! =D
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