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United States
Hello, everyone! My art usually consists of both digital and traditional drawings, animating, and home-photos--usually of animals, fantasy, anime, and occasional fan-art =3
Requests, collaborations and art-trades are ALWAYS open, so don't be shy to ask!
Also, I am willing to take any and every opportunity I can to become a better artist, so if I draw something wrong, please tell me how to fix it! Feedback is much appreciated.

Art Trades & Requests info: thedragoninthecenter.deviantar…

Original Characters list: thedragoninthecenter.deviantar…

I love...
Shukue… ; Ally; Music; my friends; Inuyasha; Warriors; Zelda; Reading; Writing; Drawing; My brother; Anime; Playing video games; Fluttershy...and everyone who loves me~♥

YouTube account: inuyasha42297…
Flipnote Hatena account:…

I use Paint and GIMP for my digital art.
I love almost everything, whether it's cool or not~
And though alternative is my favorite genre of music, I love every genre~
Character taking this survey/test/meme: magnolia

Personal features/info...

*What is your name?   -Magnolia
*What is your gender?    -female
*What is your age?    - ~20 years (if converted to human years)
*Status?   Crushing on someone who'll probably never love me back..
*Deepest darkest secret?    -if i told you than it wouldn't be anymore Wink/Razz


Have you ever...

*Been in love?    -I'm certain it's love, but it's also one-sided...
*Dated?    -No..?
*Been interested in someone of the same gender?    -Not really..
*Admired someone for their talent?    -My crush, yes.
*Admired someone for their looks?    -Yeah
*Eaten something you thought hoped you would like and didn't?  -When you're starving, you learn to like anything edible. 
*Eaten something you thought you wouldn't like and did?    -Yes
*Taken a pie to the face?  -What's a pie?
*Had piercings?    -I've been pierced by claws and fangs, does that count?
*Had drugs?    -No, I'm not sure what you mean by "drugs."
*Smoked?    -No, smoke means fire, fire means death...
*Missed anyone?    -My pack, mostly my dad and sister...
*Lost a loved one?    -My mother...  We were on a hunting trip and I went after the wrong...buffalo, I think they're called...  We were supposed to go after an injured adult, but I went after a baby because it looked easier.  Then that baby's mother came charging after me to protect it,  and MY mother protected me, but it killed her...  I felt so bad, I ran away from my pack and was lucky to run into Thunder and his sister Lily.  Oh, Thunder...
*Used human currency to buy something?    -Humans?  Ugh, I hate them!
*Travelled out of "(insert home/where you live here)"?    -Ran away, yes, haven't seen my home and family in forever...  thunder is my new home...
*Wanted to travel away from "(insert home/where you live here)"?    -I never wanted to, I just felt I had to.. Nobody would want me after what I did to my mother <=\
*Wanted anyone dead?    -I've learned to hate Shadow enough to want him dead.  
*Lied?    -I'm mostly honest, find ways to avoid lying,  but I'll lie for the sake of my families, old and new, if I had to.
*Regretted saying something?    -I'm sure I will if I told Thunder how I feel about him.
*Regretted doing something?    -Mother...


Do you ever...

*Want to get married?    -What's marriage?
*Want to date?    - I guess..
*Want to have children?    -Eventually
*Dream?    -Sometimes
*Have nightmares? -Yes, but I can never remember them...I just wake up terrified and I know I had a bad dream, I just can't recall it.  Weird, huh?
*Daydream?    -Sometimes.  
*Hear voices in your head?    -No.
*Feel sad?    -I try not to.
*Feel fear?    -Ugh, if only I didn't...
*Feel depressed?    -I try to stay optimistic.
*Feel overjoyed?    -yes
*Feel happy?    -yes 
*Feel frustrated?    -When I mess something up..
*Feel embarrassed?    -Yeah >//>
*Want to be someone else?    -I never thought about it.  I am me and that's all I can be.
*Think someone else wants to be you?    -No.   Well, now that I think about it...
*Wish you were a different species?    -Pssh.  What's better than a wolf?


Is there that one "insert your species here" in your life that always can make you...

*Sad?    -Everyone
*Happy?    -Victor and Thunder
*Scared?   -Shadow, honestly..
*Angry?    -Shadow and Lily
*Roll your eyes?    -Victor and Lily
*Smile (doesn't have to be from one emotion)?    -Everyone

I think that's it!

  • Mood: Zest
  • Reading: I lost the two books that came next in the series

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