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Kat Marie
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United States
Hello, everyone! My art usually consists of both digital and traditional drawings, animations, literature, and sometimes home-photos--mainly of animals, fantasy creatures, anime, and occasional fan-art =3
Requests, collaborations and art-trades are ALWAYS open, so don't be shy to ask!
Also, I am willing to take any and every opportunity I can to become a better artist, so if I draw something wrong, please tell me how to fix it! Feedback is much appreciated.

Art Trades & Requests info: thedragoninthecenter.deviantar…

List of my Original Characters: thedragoninthecenter.deviantar…

YouTube account:…

Flipnote Hatena account:…

In general, I use MS Paint and/or GIMP for my digital art, GIMP to color my traditional art, and just pen(cil) and printer paper to draw my traditional art. GIMP is a legally-free program that you can download at

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy what you find here!
I'm making this for you to know and for me to remember ;w;

1) DONE!

2) DONE!

3) Gadolinium Reference Sheet by TheDragonInTheCenter
The photo is too blurry for my current taste, and the anatomy is atrocious compared to my current skill-level of drawing it.  It's a bit too inaccurate a depiction of what I envision him to be, i.e. the shape of his muzzle, the curve of his neck, the structure of his paws, and even his wind-sail (at least, the parts that are on his neck). I don't make new references for characters just because their old reference is old.  I make new references only when the old one doesn't hold up to the standards of the new way I draw them.

4) DONE!

5) Stand Tall, Be Proud -Old and New- by TheDragonInTheCenter
To be honest, I'm only remaking this because I love it and it's aged badly, considering how I've changed Glacia's body structure so drastically.  I may remake it twice this year, the same way I did the year I made it.  This also one I hope to remake possibly next week or sooner.

6) Grace Reference Sheet 2014 by TheDragonInTheCenter
I'm happy with this, however the placement of the markings is unclear (even to me now that I look at it.  The only reason I can draw her correctly is because I know how I want her to look), so I'll remake it the same way I remade Gradience's reference.  However, I'll most likely just edit the drawing you see here and update the file of it, rather than redrawing the whole thing and uploading it as a modern reference for her, because (like I said) I'm still happy with it.

7) Shriek by TheDragonInTheCenter
I'll probably remake this later this year.  It's another drawing I like but at the time I made it I didn't have the skills necessary to make it how I envisioned it (mainly the "special effects" of the sound-frequency coming from Gretel).

8) DONE!

Of course I'll still be drawing original pieces whenever I feel like it, but these are some things I plan to remake whenever.

Are there any drawings in my gallery you feel like should be remade?  If so, link them or post their title or describe what you remember of it xD
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