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Hello, everyone! My art usually consists of both digital and traditional drawings, animating, and home-photos--usually of animals, fantasy, anime, and occasional fan-art =3
Requests, collaborations and art-trades are ALWAYS open, so don't be shy to ask!
Also, I am willing to take any and every opportunity I can to become a better artist, so if I draw something wrong, please tell me how to fix it! Feedback is much appreciated.

Art Trades & Requests info: thedragoninthecenter.deviantar…

Original Characters list: thedragoninthecenter.deviantar…

I love...
Shukue… ; Ally; Music; my friends; Inuyasha; Warriors; Zelda; Reading; Writing; Drawing; My brother; Anime; Playing video games; Fluttershy...and everyone who loves me~♥

YouTube account: inuyasha42297…
Flipnote Hatena account:…

I use Paint and GIMP for my digital art.
I love almost everything, whether it's cool or not~
And though alternative is my favorite genre of music, I love every genre~
What differences are there?  Of course you'd have gotten better at drawing since then, but what is your current style of drawing compared to your old one? 
Is your current style what you intended your old style to look like?  Or maybe you went in a completely different direction with your current style? 
Have your tastes changed over the years?  If so, how?

Tell me about it.  =3

In my case, my tastes have changed over my years of being an artist, but also my current style is what I intended my older style to look like.  My tastes have changed to color-hungry (I need lots of color in the majority of my drawings; unless I'm purposely going for something monochromatic or the like), and also to go my own way in art instead of directly copying elements from other artists (I've stopped doing that a very long time ago, and let my own original style develop itself). 
I still sketch things the way I first started drawing.  The way I learned to draw was through still life.  I referenced off of my electronic toy Neopets (these things: ); particularly Gellert, Lupe, and Scorchio.  Scorchio was my most favorite, tied with Uni.  <3  Yeah, I haven't really stopped drawing that way.  You can see my exact first ever style of drawing in this recent animated sketch I made: thedragoninthecenter.deviantar…  It's kind of odd, but it's just my hand is used to doing 'cause it's had so much experience with it.  I could draw it perfectly with my eyes shut, if I wanted.  xD

What about you?
  • Reading: The Last Apprentice series...waiting for Book 9

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Anyway, thank you very much for them :heart:

Id also just like to say that I think youve improved beautifully since I last had a look at your art:hug:
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